• Damage Control

    reports of destruction to families

    This page contains various notices and updates about issues that increase the degree of lawless fear mongering and destruction of family values.

    (In no apparent order; mostly newest first)….

    Aug. 27, 2019 –

    I have 4 confirmed reports, 2 each, of registrants allowed to enter Belize and the Bahamas.

    Please be prepared for an extensive interrogation.


    Paul Rigney

    Registrant Travel Action Group, Inc


    We have new information effecting the travel matrix.
    A registrant was turned away from Ecuador.
    However, Belize continues to be a breeze.
    Sorry for the pun.
    Paul Rigney
    Registrant Travel Action Group, Inc

    Members, Families & Supporters,

    We invite you to join the Just Future Project email list.

    You can expect at least one email message from us per week with information about the movement to build a just future by:

    1. Dismantling the pre-crime preventative detention system
    2. Freeing our friends and loved ones from a dehumanizing label
    3. Realigning the justice system to focus on restoration and reintegration

    We believe in taking direct action.  Lasting change has to come from the courts, the legislature or the administration, but first it must be demanded by we the people – that is you!

    Some people think our goal is impossible. Take heart – everyone who ever attempted the daring, the innovative, the radical all had one thing in common – they listened to their hearts and chased their vision for a better world. We stand on the right side of history.

    To build a movement we need to first create a community.  That effort begins with a conversation. The conversation isn’t new.  It is already taking place in isolated pockets – at kitchen tables, in lecture halls, a jail cell, sometimes even on the editorial page.  To build a movement demanding change we need to connect those conversations and the people behind them.

    The system wants us to feel isolated and alone. They want us to think we are powerless. They want to bully us into silence.

    The Just Future Project wants you to know you aren’t alone.  Your story is powerful. Together our voices cannot be ignored.

    Write to us and tell us about your vision for a just future.  How have you or your loved ones been harmed by the system? What kind of support can Just Future Project provide to build a stronger community?  Where do you think our priorities should be to bring more voices to our chorus for change? We look forward to beginning this important journey with you.

    After you click on the link and check out all the great information go to ‘Take Action’ and sign the petition concerning the voting amendment on the ballot in Florida which discriminates against our families as well as those convicted of murder. 


    — Just Future Project Team

    Just Future Project is an independent grassroots organizing initiative supported in coalition by Women Against Registry and the Sex Law & Policy Center. We are dedicated to abolishing pre-crime preventative detention systems, challenging dehumanizing labels and realigning our justice system with values of restoration and reintegration. Just Future Project is solely responsible for the content of this message, which may not reflect the position of its partner organizations.