• RPP Private

    Larry Judd


    > Coping skills
    ways in which you used to cope or deal with life stressors, unpleasant circumstances
    ways in which you currently cope or deal with life stressors, unpleasant circumstances
    Improvement of my behavior started for me when I was able to accept the use of medicine for the relief of the Tourettes and OCD symptom that were part of the past and could have made the future even worse if I never adapted this as a remedy for my nervousness and stressors.
    Now that I have a good regiment for keeping my nerves in check, I have a much brighter outlook about life and can avert any older stress relations by valuing the view I now have about myself.

    > Relationship skills (friends and significant others).
    ways in which you used to engage and demonstrate your relationship skills prior and after
    Knowing about how much people take the relationship between two people—or a group—for granted was some of what has been learned from counseling. Most schools and parents do not spend the right type of energy on fine tuning the social skills that are an important part of keeping your mind-set stable and holding a value on society.
    Much of the knowledge I have gained over the course of my treatment helps to focus my thinking for preparing to become a person who is looking forward to having a great healthy relationship.

    > Intimacy skills (sexual and non-sexual).
    ways in which you used to engage and practice your intimacy skills—prior & during
    Not too sure how much I knew about intimacy when I was younger and I definitely was avoiding intimacy during the period I was committing my crime. It is much like the relationship skills. If someone does not teach you appropriate skills then you have to learn them by experience. At current I would love to have a better chance to experience the practice of intimacy. Knowing what type of crime I committed has lead me to become aware of how important adult interaction really is.

    > Expressing and dealing with your feelings.
    ways in which you used your ability to express and deal with your feelings prior to & during
    ways in which you currently display your ability to express and deal with your feelings
    I think most of my feelings where locked up inside of me and I had not valued or concerned myself with what it was that created stressors and what it was that defined my deviant behaviors, before the time of my offense. I did not have the emotional focus to help me realize what type of volatile actions can be derived from not dealing with my feelings in a manner that would be helping me understand why I am so emotional of some things, more than others, and how the reaction to each thing can have repercussions.
    Not just from offender treatment have I learned about feelings. I learned a lot from my counselors in my psychiatrist’s office and I am an avid reader who thrives on learning about the human emotional model. I now look before I jump and try better to see more of a stressful situation by analyzing the circumstances and not by reacting tersely.

    > Building and maintaining your self-esteem
    ways in which you used to define, build and maintain your self-esteem before & during
    ways in which you currently define, build and maintain your self-esteem
    My intelligence and my ability to do just about anything I set out to do, made me have a form of self-esteem that was not grounded on basis of truth and understanding but more on a basis of just having the ability to do things that made me feel complete. I was lacking in confidence due to my inability to control my nerve disorder and it made me distant from others. Without money and a family with money child, it was hard for me to achieve the things I thought I was good at which, did not help my negative outlook towards life and myself.
    The biggest tool to help me establish a best-case self-esteem of myself is the recognition of my limitations and what can be achieved with the current state of material and educational resources I have available. I have learned to make the best of what I have and appreciate having these things.

    > Decision making skills
    ways in which you used to demonstrate your decision-making skills prior to and during
    ways in which you currently demonstrate your decision-making skills
    I always thought I was pretty good at making decisions except for the one I made to go online and start a bad habit of downloading illicit images. Not sure what I was thinking or how I got myself in this postion but I do know that most of my treatment advisors suggest I could have been isolating my feelings and my social habits to just my self-centered narrow world of me and my computer.
    It is easier to see when I am slipping into an isolated self-centered world now that I know what the signs are and what habits will show I could be making bad choices about how I am living or acting out bad behaviors. It is so much more than just knowing you about to make a bad choice. It is about having the ability to distinguish that you are in a position where you must decide what choices you are about to make; and make the right choice based on where you want to be and not where the choice could take you.

    > Social skills
    ways tn which you used to engage and demonstrate your relationship skills prior & during
    which you used to engage and demonstrate your relationship skills since being in treatment.
    I thought I had pretty good social skills early on in life because I was always able to find well rounded friend and was very active at public events and private parties. As I look back on this, it could be true that I had a decent set of socializing skills but when I started my habit of viewing adult Internet materials it lead me into a dark hole that was hard to get out. At that time I mostly ignored finding places to go to socialize.
    It was hard to wake up from this hypnotic state of viewing “other people’s social life” in the form of pornography. But had I not been arrested, I may have still been in that cavern; or worse. So keeping my head up and my face to the wind helps me to grasp what lives around me and what lives in front of me. The past is a reminder that I can not get into that habit again.

    > Meeting your sexual and non-sexual needs
    ways in which you used to engage and demonstrate your social skills prior & during
    ways in which you currently engage
    Not sure if I had the correct set of sexual and non-sexual skills in the past since I am convicted of having mad some very bad choices about what type of sexual behavior I was involved with. So to separate the sexual from the non-sexual needs was a bit of a stretch for me to find the difference between the two; at the time. Or maybe that was my problem: I was not separating the two and felt the sexual needs out weighed the non-sexual needs in a way that put my sexual needs far ahead of the non-sexual.
    After realizing my short-comings on my needs—or my ability to better control my needs; it is apparent that there is a balance between the two. Having sexual needs is a human trait which can be understood just as plainly as understanding any other need…. I need money to survive, I don’t need sex to survive. Although it is good for procreation, it is something that I have over used in the past and is not nearly as important to me, now.

    > Problem solving skills
    ways in which you used to demonstrate your problem-solving skills prior
    ways in which you currently demonstrate. your problem-solving skills since being in treatment
    Problem solving is one of the things I was pretty good at when it came to physical or technical material things. I was on of the best in the state. But fixing what is broken inside of my own head is something I never really had the full view of and may have been my weakest characteristic overall.
    Having absorbed the new behavioral training from several types of counseling, my ability to see how critical cognitive behavior fits into the schema of life. Examining my thoughts and diagnosing the motive or intent of my actions is a technique that helps keep me centered on what the problem is and what can be done about it. Some problems may not even be as big of a problem as they appear; yet some problems need more attention, and deeper thinking, to find a fix if they are more complex problems.

    > Reviewing your assignments

    > Changes you have made in the way you live
    Since my conviction of possession I am fully aware of the dangers and the risks there are in using a computer. The computer is what got me in trouble. So every day is a new day, and I must remain sober from any future desires to want to access adult materials or any materials that would get me started on a down-hill slope of more deviant materials. I focus on where I am today and where I want to be tomorrow. When I look at the “bigger picture” of what is available on the Internet, I find so much more that is educational, entertaining and sociologically interesting and I remained focused on those types of things, rather than associating my interest on anything that I did or wanted to do in the past.
    Changes in my life, in the present time has lead me on a new trail of programming and learning scripting languages. This to me is about the best possible thing that I have gotten from being convicted of a crime. Let me explain. When I was working in the field, going from business to business, there was a lot of social interaction but no real socially redeeming advantage of being a field service engineer, other than making a wage and being really good at what I did. I met people and found a lot of interesting personalities to look upon. But I had a lower self-esteem when I got done with the days work.
    Now that I can write application languages and convert my creativity into publicly viewable assets, online; I feel much gratification and have a lot of pride in what I create. I get a much greater joy and have a much more relaxed daily station to live with. At the end of the day, I feel more in control of my self and wait with joy for the next day to come.


    List of all the interventions that you use when your begin to realize that you are being “triggered” or are in cycle, labeled as indicated in the RPP Outline. Look back at the assignments previously completed containing ROSA.

    A) List all techniques you would use to get yourself out of your offense cycle (e.¢., self
    talk (be specific about what is ‘“‘said”), ammonia capsules, rubber bands, thinking
    about the trauma you created, etc.).


    Directions: List the name and phone numbers of all the people in your current support
    group, labeled as specified in the RPP Outline.


    Directions: Write l-2 paragraphs that sums up the information contained in your RPP,
    labeled as indicated in the RPP Outline. Be sure to include the following:

    A) State your commitment to keep society safe from you and to maximize your success
    in preventing a relapse or other unhealthy behaviors..

    B) Share about your future plans and goals.
    > Realistic goals to complete within 5 years (3-5 goals minimum)
    – Include 2 objectives or steps to take to achieve each identified goal.
    > Realistic goals to complete in longer than 5 years (2 minimum)
    – Include 2 objectives or steps to take to achieve each identified goal.