• Introducing The Collateral Consequences Resource Center


     The Collateral Consequences Resource Center is a non-profit organization established in 2014 to promote public discussion of the collateral consequences of conviction, the legal restrictions and social stigma that burden people with a criminal record long after their court-imposed sentence has been served.   We provide news and commentary about this dynamic area of the law, practice and advocacy resources, and information about how to obtain relief from collateral consequences in different jurisdictions.  The Center website is aimed at lawyers and other criminal justice practitioners, courts, scholars and researchers, policymakers and legislators, as well as those most directly affected by the consequences of conviction.  We welcome tips about relevant current developments, including judicial decisions and new legislation, as well as proposals for blog posts on topics related to collateral consequences and criminal records.  In addition, Center board members and staff are available to advise in connection with efforts to reform policies and practices relating to collateral consequences and criminal records.

    Collateral Consequences of Criminal Conviction and Restoration of Rights: News, Commentary, and Tools

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