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    California Reform Sex Offender Laws (CA RSOL) has a new name — Alliance for Constitutional Sex Offense Laws (ACSOL).  The new name is significant in two ways: (1) it no longer uses the name of the state in which it was incorporated and (2) it uses the term “sex offense” instead of “sex offender”.
            The CA RSOL board of directors determined that these changes are necessary because the organization has outgrown the borders of the State of California.  For example, individuals in many states utilize the organization’s website on a regular basis and contact the organization to request information on topics outside the state’s borders such as international travel and legal strategies.
            The CA RSOL board of directors determined that these changes are desirable in order to change the focus of the organization’s work from individuals who have been labeled as “sex offenders” for the rest of their lives based upon an offense they committed often decades ago.  The new focus is upon laws that address “sex offenses” and the punishing collateral consequences that accompany them.
            Although the name of the organization has changed, its mission has not.  Like CA RSOL, ACSOL will continue to protect the Constitution by restoring the civil rights of registrants.  Like CA RSOL, ACSOL will continue to urge registrants, family members and supporters to Show Up – Stand Up – Speak Up.
            In addition to changing its name, ACSOL has a new relationship with National RSOL.  Unlike CA RSOL, ACSOL is not a state affiliate of National RSOL but is instead an equal partner.  In its new role, ACSOL will continue to work with National RSOL in support of mutual goals and events such as National RSOL’s annual conference.
            As part of its transition to ACSOL, the organization’s website will continue to be accessible by using the search terms “California RSOL” and “CA RSOL” for several months.  As of today, however, the website will also be accessible by using the search term “All4CSOL.org”.
            During its transition, the organization is able to accept donations made payable to either California RSOL or ACSOL.  As always, donations are used solely to support the organization’s mission to educate the public, challenge laws that violate the Constitution, oppose laws that do not increase public safety and supports laws that protect our civil rights.
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    3 thoughts on “Alliance for Constitutional Sex Offense Laws

    • Lonna says:

      I hope that Arizona, one of the toughest, and I believe, one of the states that has passed the most unconstitutional laws against Sex Offenders, changes soon. I’m so happy that California is listening and some of the judges at least care what is happening to registrants. I hope more people will get involved!

      • Michael McCoy says:

        I am an Arizona resident that has an offense 21 years old. I am looking forward to having my registration and compliance issues a thing of my past. I have not reoffended, nor do I intend to reoffend. I believe I am currently labeled A2. I appreciate the information and will be following to learn more about the organization and what you are doing for the sex offender community.

        • Larry says:

          Michael… and Lonna, feel free to get involved with what WomenAganstRegistry is doing. Our AZ chapter is always in need of writers and lobbist. Visit the parent site to learn more of feel free to join using the form on the right.

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