• Arizona Citizens Call to support HB2300

    Arizona House Bill 2300 is a Bill which has been introduced into the 54th Legislative session and any person who has the time can write a letter supporting this bill, to your local Representative.

    To follow this bill you may view the status on the AZ Legislature website: https://apps.azleg.gov/BillStatus/BillOverview/71412?SessionId=121

    Here is a very nut-shell version of how a Bill gets passed (or not):

    How a Bill works

    In short:

    – Bill is discussed

    – Voted to pass

    – put on calendar

    – if House passed then it goes to Senate.

    – If passed goes to Governor… option to pass, veto or ignore. Ignore = Pass!

    Below is the letter of which I sent to my 3 Reps’ in my County and also one to Representative Campbell whom is co-sponsor of this Bill.

    You may go here to find the current status of this Bill: https://apps.azleg.gov/BillStatus/BillOverview

    February 4, 2019

    Representative Bret Roberts

    1700 W Washington St – Rm. 344
    Phoenix, AZ 85007

    Dear Representative Bret Roberts,

    My name is Citizen Registrant and I live in Casa Grande, Arizona. As a constituent I am contacting you regarding a recently introduced House bill to share my concerns.

    HB2300 – sex offender registration; early termination; AMENDING SECTION 13-3821


    I am asking that you sponsor an amendment to this proposed law as soon as possible. There are too many roadblocks impeding the full restoration of any citizen required to register. We are disenfranchised by the Arizona SORN (Acts). The original law, The Jacob Wetterling Act (1994) was enacted as a ‘law enforcement only’ tool to dissemination information in a closed non-public forum. Now that the registry is public it impedes restoration, places whole families in danger of vigilante attacks and just as important it takes funds away from victim treatment and restoration.

    Numerous studies by academics and researchers have proven the ineffectiveness of the registry; that it provides a false sense of security to the public, that it pushes those required to register into unemployment, homelessness, family destruction and feelings of being ostracized. Those required to register have already paid their debt to society with a (most likely) harsh sentence of incarceration. Many are just trying to build a decent law-abiding life. But exclusionary laws when all evidence points to the contrary are just making the problem worse. These laws are punitive and contribute to the fears of unknowing citizens as well as promote the stigma and hate. According to the NCMEC there are almost one million people required to register impacting countless innocent family members.

    This bill seems to make special effort on allowing families and property owners to advance their lives in normal living conditions. A Certificate of Rehabilitation after five years of what is now lifetime supervision or probation would accomplish two things; it would save our state money currently set aside for said supervision and allow those required to register to live a rehabilitated life. Please sponsor such an amendment.

    Thank you so much for your consideration


    Citizen Registrant

    1234 Rock and Hard Pl

    Casa Grande, AZ 85122

    (520) 555-5555

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    One thought on “Arizona Citizens Call to support HB2300

    • Larry says:

      As of March 9th there are no real updates to report on the Bill. We can see there is a majority support for the Bill. For the bill are: Patricia Borden, Self(01/29/2019); Terry Borden, Self(01/29/2019); Joseph Gurczynski, Self(02/13/2019); Paul Hanley, Self(02/08/2019); Stephen May, Self(02/12/2019); and Against Robert Rowley, Self(01/27/2019); and one Neutral Vicky Campo, Self(02/20/2019);

      Please write, call and email your District Representatives in support of this Bill.

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