• Campaign Resolution to a Dilemma


    Over the past few months our organization has received several questions and comments such as I am in full support of the D.C. events in ’23 but have a particular focus on one of the three components; conference, Hill visit transportation, vigil transportation and speaker system. Is it possible to make a donation to be used in that area?  If so “I would like to designate my donation to that”.

    Also, we have heard comments pertaining to state verses DC presence and activity. Comments such as “we don’t need to go to DC we need to work in our state.” Actually the focus should be on both. Laws are passed at the state level and federal level. On March 6th of 2023 the Hill visits will be paramount as we focus on the 100 senators and 435 representatives being in one location. What better way to spend a few minutes with them or one of their staff to drive home the empirical research data and ending with the ineffectiveness of a registry in providing any safety. Offering the more viable solution of abolishing the registry and using those funds to promote Safety programs for adults, teens and children to accomplish genuine safety instead of annihilating our families. 

    We have a viable solution. Simply click here and choose from


    • Sponsorship for Someone to Attend
    • Conference
    • Hill Visit Transportation
    • Vigil Transportation
    • Wherever needed

    to select where you would like your donation to be used, then complete the form. Our Conference Finance Committee will take it from there.


    WAR National Directors

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