• FAC Petitions Governor Scott to Clean Up the Registry

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    The Florida Action Committee (FAC) sent a petition to Florida Governor Rick Scott today, asking him to clean up the registry.

    The Florida’s Sex Offender Registry contains over sixty-nine thousand names! Most of the names on the list are not even living in Florida communities! Intended to be a tool for those in the community to be aware of the ‘ones to watch out for’ among them, how can it be effective when it’s diluted with more images and listings of people who are not there to watch out for than are?

    That is just one of the points FAC makes to our legislature each session.

    Public perception is that the list is comprised of the worst of the worst. Parents are scared when they discover all the “red dots” in their neighborhood.

    Famine of Fact Based Recidivism Research

    The fact, however, is that the registry is bloated with people who don’t belong there, such as juveniles, firsttime non-contact offenders, people whose offenses were decades ago and have not offended since and yes, people who are not even there!

    To start with; our State needs to clean up the registry and the first step is to remove those who are not in the community.

    We’ve come to expect that the legislature won’t look at facts and consider empirical evidence when there are huge federal financial incentives[1] not to. But residents of Florida, if they are actually concerned about public safety, should know the truth!

    Petition (redacted signatures and signature pages) can be found here:



    Florida Action Committee (FAC) Founded in 2006 as a non-profit advocacy group, is a state-wide consortium of concerned citizens and professionals whose purpose is to promote the prevention of sexual abuse while preserving the safety and dignity of all citizens through carefully structured laws targeting the truly violent, forced, and/or dangerous predatory acts of sex. FAC believes that many aspects of the current approach to sex offenders seriously undermine justice and actually increase the threat of sexual assault against others, particularly children. FAC opposes a publicized registry of sex offenders and seeks to bring an end to the humiliation of people who have already paid for their crimes. FAC asserts that only by supporting justice for all people—offenders and victims alike can a truly safe society be built and secured for all Americans. For more information, visit www.floridaactioncommittee.org.

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