• HOA in Goodyear voting on sex offender ban


    Homeowners in the Goodyear community of Palm Valley will soon vote on a proposal to prohibit certain sex offenders from living in their neighborhood.

    The Palm Valley Community Association is asking residents to vote on an amendment to the declaration of covenants, conditions and restrictions or CC&R’s.

    The amendment reads in part, “No registrant may permanently or temporarily reside in or occupy any lot in the association for any length or period of time.”

    If passed, it would keep level 2 and 3 registered sex offenders out of the community.

    The amendment then goes on to describe how it would enforce the rule. Making a change like this to the CC&R’s is an unusual move for an HOA.

    “I’ve never heard of it,” said resident Melody Erno.

    In fact, until we started asking around about the proposal, some neighbors told us they hadn’t received the information about it yet so they were not even aware that their HOA was considering this, but they’re glad it’s up for a vote.

    “I think it’s a great idea.,” Erno said.

    Debra Warner is a mom of three young kids. She says she believes in second chances for people but also likes the peace of mind this could bring.

    “I don’t want to feel scared to open my door and let my kids comes out to the park and play for fear of who might be moving in next door,” said Warner.

    The vote on the amendment is scheduled for Dec. 2. We did reach out to the HOA to try and find out the reason behind the amendment but no one ever got back to us on Tuesday.

    As for whether something like this would even be legal, two real estate attorneys we reached out to came to the same conclusion. On its face, it is legal but that does not protect the HOA from a lawsuit if someone wanted to bring one.


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