• Model Penal Code: Sexual Assault and Related Offenses Milestone

    This work re-examines Article 213 of the Model Penal Code, which addresses sexual offenses. Now over fifty years since its adoption, the Article is no longer a reliable guide for legislatures and courts. The project covers both substantive and evidentiary matters, as well as the collateral consequences of conviction.

    […]with the further research and further reflection that [Council ] prompted, did produce a number of less central, but nonetheless significant substantive revisions.

    (For a more complete read on this please visit https://www.thealiadviser.org/sexual-assault/reporters-memorandum-for-model-penal-code-sexual-assault-and-related-offenses-tentative-draft-no-6/ )

    1. Definition of Consent (Section 213.0)

    2. Sex Trafficking (Section 213.9)

    3. Grading

    4. Collateral Consequences – Obligation to Register (Sections 213.11 & 213.11A)

    5. Collateral Consequences – Confidentiality (Section 213.11H)

    Congratulations on the hard work of the ALI. To request copies of Tentative Drafts approved by ALI membership, please email communications@ali.org.

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