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    Hello everyone… Suffice it to say, Thursday and Friday (June 30 & July 1) were an emotional roller-coaster with a pit-stop in ‘airport delay’ hell. However, the outcome was spectacular…!!!

    We went to Las Vegas to show our support for the valiant efforts being made by Maggie McLetchie, who with her law partner, Alina Shell, is challenging Nevada’s implementation of the Adam Walsh Act.


    McLetchie is representing ‘unnamed plaintiffs’ in efforts to put the brakes on a law that imposes new requirements on registered sex offenders, and her day in court before Clark County District Judge Douglas Smith, who denied her petition for relief, was a let-down for all of us.


    But then suddenly, thanks to McLetchie’s quick efforts, the Supreme Court issued a stay and implementation of the new law was halted in its tracks.



    Can we get a hip-hip-hooray!!!!

    Throughout this process, our advocates have provided to media, legislators and all interested parties, statistical findings, corroborating data, and reliable ‘first person accounts’ of the very real harm and damage being done to hundreds of thousands of children and families by laws that are meant to protect everyone. And beyond the injustice done to our constituents, we are outraged that we continue to waste millions and millions (and millions) of taxpayer dollars enforcing laws which have been conclusively proven (by the very agency tasked to enforce them) to be ineffective in the mitigation of child sexual abuse!!!

    This, as we all know, is a harmful and damaging  perversion.

    And the GOOD NEWS is that people are listening. Legislators, attorneys, judges, prosecutors… they are hearing what we have to say and taking our issue to heart.

    A most spectacular example of this is self-evident in comments attributed to James Wright, Nevada DPS director, who was responsible for implementing the new law and then, within a few hours because of the Supreme Court decision, also held the reigns of pulling it back. He is reported as saying that he ‘hoped no harm was done’ during the law’s brief implementation.

    Ahem… did you hear that…??? He ‘hoped no harm was done…’ He gets it…!!! And we say bravo to all who are hearing the ‘safety for all’ call to civic duty.

    Thus we extend the invitation to all who can to join us in Nevada on July 12 when there is to be another round of hearings on this issue that is near and dear to all of us. If you cannot personally join us, please consider making a financial contribution. If it is not within your power to donate, please pass this email along to a friend.

    Contact me personally, 800-311-3764, for details about how to join our next Las Vegas advocacy caucus. And thanks for everything you are doing to make things better for us all…

    ~Vicki Henry, President, Women Against Registry

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