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    At the end of next week, two WAR members will attend the 4th Annual Gonzaga University International Conference on Hate Studies in Spokane, WA.  We will present a podcast containing powerful information that we expect to be eye-opening, even to those who might study “hate” for a living. We will then answer questions and distribute a handout to further explain our goal in reaching out to this group of professionals; to provide education so that we might calm the manic fear associated with our issue; and to strategize ways to create more willingness to help reintegrate all those who deserve a second chance at life, not just a select few. We seek a space in an inclusive community, not a rejection from an exclusive one. 

    Our issue is extreme and painful; we are subjected to denigration, hate and stigma on a regular basis.  Our issue is pervasive, toxic and more extreme than most people understand……until it touches their family, friends, or associates. 

    It is imperative that we fight for the abolition of the registry while continuing to build WAR’s profile within the advocacy community.  We are seeing some victories in the courts and some surprisingly positive legislation in local and state legislative bodies. We believe that WAR is becoming recognized as one of the leaders in this effort.  This is not the time to back off; in fact, it’s the time to ratchet up the pressure and make our voices heard. 

    Some have indicated they would like to donate to specific actions or projects. Here is the perfect opportunity. We will finish the year with the Hate Studies Conference in Spokane, the Association for Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA) Conference in Kansas City, and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) Conference on Sexual Crimes in Las Vegas.  We will be actively engaging with professionals and educating everyone we meet at each of these conferences.

    We always try to be efficient and fiscally responsible when planning our WAR activities. Your donations enable this advocacy group to do great things on your behalf. Now is the time to pitch in by donating to these worthy causes.

    Please donate at the following link:


    WAR National Directors and Senior Adviser

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