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    Families of Registrants & Registrants Alike – Wives, Mothers, Girlfriends, Daughters, Grandmothers, etc.

    The Sex Offender Registry is out of control: growing at a rapid pace. This is important ….and it involves you.  We need every person and every family to join us in this fight. According to the NCMEC (http://www.missingkids.com/en_US/documents/Sex_Offenders_Map2015.pdf) , as of June 2016 there are 851,870 men, women and children (children as young as 8 and 10 in some states) registered across the nation. We estimate that over 4 million family members are impacted by these punitive laws!! As you know, registering is life altering.  

    We know this is a sensitive subject, but it is one that must be addressed. Please look at the various factors and commit to helping us make a positive change for everyone.    
    The public registry prohibits people from becoming productive members of society and that should concern legislators and taxpayers alike. There are thousands of individuals being discriminated against when they are denied employment or housing long after being adjudicated, paying their debt to society and now want to live law-abiding and meaningful lives in peace with their family and friends.

    The public registry affects family members in numerous ways as you can see in the brochure we have included. Maybe you or your family has experienced some of the unintended consequences. We understand many folks are afraid to speak out due to possible backlash, but there is still work that can be done in the background. Family members willing to stand and speak please join us immediately.

    Please give your attention to this advocacy by committing to a couple of hours a week to help reach more registrant families. Experienced writers, experienced bloggers and bill watchers are essential.  We also welcome monetary donations for stamps, brochures and envelopes.

    In late August the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals handed down a ruling that has registrants and lawyers around the country excited.  The case, Does v. Snyder, challenged various parts of Michigan’s sex offense registration law.  Six individuals using the last name “Doe” won, the State of Michigan lost.   The Sixth Circuit is the *first* federal appeals court to declare what the whole world has long known,  the sex offense registry is “punishment”—a big victory for reason and justice.  Co-counsel for the winners,  Paul Reingold of the Michigan Clinical Law Program and Miriam Aukerman of the ACLU of Michigan, have a new memo with detailed information about the decision that includes advice for registrants – stay compliant with the current law until the dust settles. 

    We are driven to disburse and speak about empirical data which clearly states the Adam Walsh Act, Megan’s Law and others enacted to increase public safety have not garnered the expected results.

    Arizona WAR website: www.az.womenagainstregistry.com

    National website: www.womenagainstregistry.org       
    For more information contact the National Support Hotline @ 800-773-4319  

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