• ACSOL Conference: Sex Offense Litigation and Policy Fellow to Speak


    Guy Hamilton-Smith, a fellow at the Sex Offense Litigation and Policy Research Institute, will speak at the ACSOL conference on both June 15 and June 16. As a speaker, he will address two issues — child pornography and how to success as a registrant.

    “Guy Hamilton-Smith is a leader in our community of registrants,” stated ACSOL President Chance Oberstein. “We welcome his participation in this year’s conference.”

    Hamilton-Smith, a law school graduate, is well known for his challenge to take the Kentucky bar exam in 2013. In a decision by the state’s Supreme Court, it was determined that Hamilton-Smith may take the bar exam after the termination of his registration requirements. Hamilton-Smith also successfully challenged in 2017 a law that prohibited him and other registrants in Kentucky from accessing social media.

    Hamilton-Smith was selected as a fellow for the Sex Offense Litigation and Policy Research Center in Minnesota. In that capacity, he is working on impact litigation that improve the daily lives of registrants and their loved ones. Hamilton-Smith is also a member of the ACSOL board of directors and a registrant.


    From: http://all4consolaws.org/2018/05/acsol-conference-sex-offense-litigation-and-policy-fellow-to-speak/

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