• Registries in the U.S. has climbed to over 900,000


    Registry INCREASES by 3.3% in 6 months – latest stats

    The Dobbs Wire:  The number of listings on sex offense registries in the U.S. has climbed to over 900,000, an increase of 3.3% in the last six months.   
    National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) just released its latest map which shows the latest figures for sex offense registries in all states. (NCMEC is a private organization that gets much of its funding from the federal government. Their map is updated twice a year; reliability of the numbers is uncertain.)  The map and explanation sheet is online here: http://www.missingkids.com/content/dam/ncmec/en_us/SOR%20Map%20with%20Explanation.pdf


    One key indicator continues to increase, the total number listed on registries is now 900,202.  That’s a 3.3% (29,560) rise since the last count six months ago. 


    Attached are three charts produced by The Dobbs Wire that will tell you more.   


    Chart A   Registries across the country – the numbers

    This chart shows the biggest (California) to the smallest (Washington, DC) registries.  A relatively small number of states have a large portion of the total registrants in the country — the 10 biggest registries have more than half (56%), the 15 biggest have more than two-thirds (68%).    

    Chart B  Registries – differences among the states

    This chart shows that some states put more of their people on the registry.  One example is Michigan where the registry is 4th largest in the country but the state is only the 10th largest by population.  Michigan’s registry has more people on it than New York’s, a state with twice the population.  Oregon is the 27th largest state by population while it has the 9th largest registry. 


    Chart C  Registries ranked by per capita registration rate and population

    This chart shows wide variation in per capita registration rates around the country – from 120 (Maryland) to Oregon (679) per 100,000 population.  Of the 10 states with the highest registration rates, some are small or medium size in population (Delaware, South Dakota, Wyoming, Arkansas) while others are quite populous such as Florida and Michigan.


    The latest figures show some states with notable increases in registration since Nov. 2017:

    Texas              8%       (91,912 to 99,175)

    Tennessee      3%       (23,262 to 29,123)

    North Carolina 4%      (17,621 to 24,173)

    Kentucky         3%       (11,299 to 14,123)

    Vermont         62%      (1,333 to 2,166)

    Rhode Island  23%      (2,600 to 3,207)


    The latest figures show at least one state with a notable decrease in registration since Nov. 2017:

    Washington     11%     (22,045 to 19,525)

    Chart A State registries ranked by number of registrants May 30 2018.pdf

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