• Call To Action Arizona House Bill 2613

    Arizona advocates,
    Use this link to find your state legislators:
    Click on the ‘Find My Legislator’ button on the right. Put in your physical address.
    When your senator pops up write down their office phone number or click on the ’email prefix’ and you will be able to send an email to the legislator.
    Calling instructions:
    When the legislator’s assistant answers introduce yourself:
    Hi – I am (your name), a constituent of Senator (xxx) and if he/she is available I would like to speak with them for a moment regarding HB 2613.
    If they come on say:
    I am (xxx) a constituent who lives in (xxx) and I would like to make my voice heard regarding HB 2613. I am asking that you vote for this bill when it comes to the floor as it would allow our family to move forward with our lives. Lifetime probation does not send the message and belief concerning change and restoration. The impact to me/my family has been devastating and doesn’t give hope. Talk about your family impact if you are willing to share that information.
    State that according to academics and researchers 3 things are necessary for leading a productive life; a job, a place to live AND a ‘positive’ support system. Based on numerous studies this is counter-productive and being put forth without reviewing the hard science.
    If you are asked to leave a message by the staffer:
    Introduce yourself and say ‘I would like to ask him/her to vote for HB 2613 when it comes to the floor. You can use some of the same verbiage above if you want to share it.
    Thank them and hang up.
    If you send an email use the above verbiage.
    Please call or email today. Then let me know who your senator is and any interaction with the legislator or staff. Keep in mind the staffers have the legislator’s ear so the more we educate them with numbers (912,000 men, women and children ((as young as 6, 8 and 10 in some states are required to register)) and facts (low recidivism) the more education takes place in that office and among the other legislator’s staffers.
    Take action today! Advocacy is everyone’s job.

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