CIVIL RIGHTS ORGANIZATIONS TO MONITOR POLICE ON HALLOWEEN “Cop-watch” hotline to be open for six hours Albuquerque, NM | Sacramento, CA—The National Association for Rational Sexual Offense Laws (NARSOL) and the Alliance for Constitutional Sexual Offense Laws (ACSOL) denounce what they believe are unconstitutional laws and blanket restrictions imposed by some state statutory schemes and supervising authorities across the country each Halloween. The organizations join together in demanding to know why every year at this time newspapers and TV news programs are full of reports about police activities to curb this so-called menace that supposedly sprouts up around Halloween when there is no evidence to support the myth. The two groups have assembled a team of volunteer attorneys and plan to hold a third annual Halloween Marathon. This year’s call-in program will last for six continuous hours with the primary purpose of receiving reports and monitoring law enforcement’s actions nationwide. Janice Bellucci, ACSOL’s executive director, points to the research showing that there is no increased threat of sexual harm to children on Halloween and to the fact that no report has been found of a child being harmed on Halloween by someone on the registry. “We deplore the hysteria created by sensational reporting of what is no more than grandstanding and a total waste of public resources expended year after year,” she says. NARSOL’s executive director Brenda Jones emphasizes, “We want it to be clear to everyone that we are putting law enforcement and policymakers on notice that we are: (1) monitoring them; (2) winning legal challenges all over the country; and (3) have sufficient momentum to continue chipping away at their unconstitutional creations. The most unconscionable aspect of this,” she continued, “is that children are at an increased risk on Halloween of being killed or injured in an auto-pedestrian accident, and yet law enforcement chooses to assign its officers to checking that registered sex offenders are not handing out candy rather than putting them on traffic patrol and intoxicated-driver checkpoints in high trick-or-treat areas.” Bellucci fully agreed and praised the recent journalistic efforts to frame this issue around facts, not myths, as presented at Reason, the Appeal, and the Washington Post.

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    • Bill says:

      This is great, and what needs to happen. Is there a number I can call when the police show up at my door to make sure I’m where I’m supposed to be, despite the fact that I also am required to wear an ankle monitor for the whole 1 1/2 years of my parole?

    • Larry says:

      Bill, The phone number is 605 313-5169, followed by 957605#
      1 & 1/2 is nothing compared to many probationers on the registry or not. What state are you in? Our state. Arizona, gives almost everyone lifetime, out the door, with very few exceptions. Also they are rare to require ankle bracelets because of the lifetime supervision. AZ DOJ would rather get you for a violation than mess with knowing where you are. You may find this interesting read as well, if you have not already seen it. https://az.womenagainstregistry.org/criminal-suspects-cant-be-forced-to-pay-for-their-own-gps-monitoring-court-rules

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