• NJ: Supreme Court rules removal from registry is one strike and you are out

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    Article originally posted in the Florida Action Commitee page; https://floridaactioncommittee.org/nj-supreme-court-rules-removal-from-registry-is-one-strike-and-you-are-out/#respond

    As you read this in respect to this Arizona chapter of W.A.R. we ask that you please contact your Senators and Congress-people in your District to help AZ become a state that has a Registry Removal process.

    The New Jersey Supreme Court ruled this week that the provision of their registration statute that  allows those on the registry to apply for removal if they haven’t committed a crime within 15 years following conviction or release from a correctional facility for any term of imprisonment imposed is a one strike and you are out deal.

    Two NJ registrants filed a lawsuit seeking their removal from the registry after remaining crime free for 15 years. Even though their crimes were in the 1990’s, they both had arrests in 2001 – one for a computer-related theft and one for failure to register as a sex offender, Since 15 years had passed since their 2001 theft and FTR, they sought removal, but the State argued that the Statute says if you commit a crime within 15 years of your sex offense you’ve blown your chance to ever get off the registry.

    Sadly, their Supreme Court agreed. The opinion can be read here: https://www.njcourts.gov/attorneys/assets/opinions/supreme/a_73_74_18.pdf?c=bWo

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