• People of Michigan v Paul Betts (ACLU of Michigan Court of Appeals)

    INTEREST OF AMICUS CURIAE The Attorney General is the constitutionally established officer who serves as the chief law enforcement officer for the State. The Attorney General is charged with defending not only state laws but also the state constitution. The Legislature has also authorized the Attorney General to participate in any action in any state court when, in her own judgment, she deems it necessary to participate to protect any right or interest of the State or the People of the State. MCL 14.28. The Attorney General’s primary interest in this case is in protecting our communities from the impact of the recidivism that is more likely to occur due to the punitive nature of Michigan’s Sex Offenders Registration Act (SORA), MCL 28.721 et seq. SORA’s onerous restrictions are not supported by evolving research and best practices related to recidivism, rehabilitation, and community safety.


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