• Recent changes to law impact both landlords and tenants

    There are several new notice and form requirements for the landlord and the tenant that can have significant impacts on the unlawful detainer process. An unlawful detainer can only be filed and granted after the landlord receives a Certificate of Participation from a DRC. Landlords are required to participate or offer ERP. Tenants are not required to participate in ERP, but could face eviction if they don’t respond to a request.

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    For all other tenancies of a specified period and for tenancies on a monthly or periodic basis a landlord may not end the tenancy for 16 specific circumstances with appropriate notice that include, but are not limited to the following:

    • Failure to pay rent (14-day notice);
    • Substantial breach of a material term of rental agreement (10-day notice);
    • Committing or permitting waste or nuisance, unlawful activities (three-day notice);
    • Landlord seeks possession for the principal residence of themselves or family (90-day notice);
    • Owner elects to sell the premises, a single-family residence (90-day notice);
    • Premises to be demolished or change of use (120-day notice);
    • Owner elects to withdraw the premises from the rental market (120-day notice);
    • Required to register as a sex offender during the tenancy, or failed to disclose sex offender status (60-day notice); or
    • Makes unwanted sexual advances directed at the property owner, manager, employee, or another tenant (20-day notice).

    The takeaway: RLTA was substantially changed.

    We have only addressed some of the new programs and procedures facing both landlords and tenants following the end of the eviction moratorium.

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