• Recent Scam Alert

    Recently people have been receiving scammer phone calls where the caller pretends to be law enforcement. Be cautious with anyone who claims to be law enforcement on the phone.

    The scammer begins with the threat of registration problems, typically with failure to provide a DNA sample and the registrant is out of compliance. One registrant’s wife received such a call on their home phone in the Springfield MO area but caught on. They demand that you must follow their instructions by going to (Target / Walmart / etc) and buy gift cards. They will indicate the registrant must stay on the phone with them during this process. The scam ends after the registrant buys the gift cards and reads the numbers off the back of each one. 

    The police impersonator demands information as to who lives with the registrant, their genders, ages, etc… and if they are home.

    When the registrant is gone to ‘comply’ with the supposed law enforcement person and proceeds to empty out their savings to purchase gift cards, their home is broken into and the contents of the home, is stolen.

    Instead STOP AND THINK! Then ask for the name of the “officer” who is calling you. Ask what law enforcement agency and department they are calling from. Example: County Sheriff’s Office, Deputy Sheriff John Doe, in the SO Enforcement Office.

    THEN HANG UP! The scammers are smart, they will threaten you, if you tell them that you are going to call them back!  They spoof Caller ID and know if caught impersonating an FBI Agent or Law Enforcement Officer they will spend years in prison! 

    Look up the telephone number of the agency they gave you using a phone book or Google. Call that number as ask to speak with “SO Enforcement Department, Deputy Doe”. If this is a legitimate call Deputy Sheriff Doe will speak with you about the issue.

    More than likely, there isn’t a Deputy John Doe at that department or office. Unfortunately many times the registry office is already aware of the scam but does not send an email or call registrants.

    If you have already experienced this scenario and told them who lives with you be alert and call 911 if you feel threatene at any time..

    REMEMBER Law Enforcement will NEVER call and demand that you do anything such as the above.    WAR National Directors

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