• Sex-offender status a housing challenge for Army veteran

    Please read this story from semissourian.com to understand how inane the laws of our Country have become and how afraid of dealing with our American Veterans just because of a “label.” http://www.semissourian.com/story/2296311.html

    Please read the comments at the bottom of this story when you get a chance. There are comments from both-sides-of-the-fence which will show the diversity of view points on the issue of the Registry.

    Here is an excerpt from this write-up that is very disturbing:

    Christopher would like to get her brother admitted to a Cape Girardeau nursing home. But she said many nursing homes won’t admit sex offenders. She said the fact he was basically destitute didn’t help, either.

    Not welcome

    Although he is a veteran, King isn’t eligible to apply for residency to any Missouri Veterans Home, including the one in Cape Girardeau.

    He also is barred from receiving federal housing assistance for homeless vets because of his sex-offender status.

    Daniel Bell, a spokesman for the Missouri Veterans Commission which oversees the veterans homes, said its policy bans registered sex offenders from living in its homes for safety reasons.

    Bell said the ban applies only to registered sex offenders. Applications from veterans convicted of other crimes are considered on a case-by-case basis, he said.

    Missouri veterans homes also come under federal regulations, which require such facilities to transfer or discharge patients who pose a safety concern for other residents of the homes, visitors or staff, Bell said.

    In addition, veterans who have been convicted of felony offenses cannot be buried in veterans cemeteries, he said, adding it is a federal prohibition.

    “We have had situations where we have had to deny veterans burial in veterans’ cemeteries,” Bell said.

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    9 thoughts on “Sex-offender status a housing challenge for Army veteran

    • Land Air Sea (Retired) says:

      What the hell is the matter with the azz holes in our dam government this person is a vet for you to say this is a slap in face you SOB who sit your sorry azzes behind a desk while this man or woman go and fight for our country and now you backstabbing over paid noloads screwballs do this. (beware the eyes of march my new Friend) there are hell a lot of more vets that tired of sh-t

    • Richard. Linaman says:

      Yes I agree on this. Veterans do need a second chance. We come back from a war-torn country where you were allowed to have sexual relationships with people even if they were not the age of 16. Maybe some are 14, mine was 15, the government was okay with it when you were in the government but when you come out you can’t do it. Two sets of different rules for people. I guess I agree, veterans need a second chance.

    • Judy Burke says:

      OMG!!!! This is sooo ridiculous. Pretty soon we won’t even be able to go to the grocery store.

    • Jay Carlson says:

      As a veteran and a sex offender I can give my view on this subject. If I had been convicted of murder I would have done my time and housing and benefits would have been a non issue.i would have housing at this point.I would be living a quote unquote normal life. This stigma had been added to my life where not only am I an ex felon that did my time but I’m a sex offender for the rest of my life. And mine was because a girl lied about her age. Show me the Justice in all of this.

    • Christopher Harris says:

      If we can elect a president that openly admitted to sexually assaulting women. How is it possible that after serving your time, that the law can place a label on you for life alienating you from ever receiving due diligence or even fairly governing and opportunity to make a life for yourself and your family without reliving your sin for a bad choice you made once in your life.

    • Charlotte E King says:

      So what happens to the sex offenders when they have no family and can’t live or take care of their selves

      • Larry says:

        This is one of the biggest reasons why AZ WAR and the WAR National exists. Please become part of our movement and be sure to read the parent womenagainstregistry.org site for the latest updates and rallies.

    • OVC says:

      Can a veteran who is a registered sex offender get a VA home loan?

      • Larry says:

        That is a good question which you may want to ask the VA about. I do know there are a few programs related to HUD that in some states a vetran can not apply for if they have a past offense involving licivious activities. If I remember correctly, there are real estate agents that will ask you if you are on the registry—in short. But from what I know is that VASH programs have created road blocks for home loans based on past convictions.

        This would be a very good thing to bring up to your local and State Representatives; focusing on the disparity of drug offenses versus licentious crimes.

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