The media, cops and lawmakers have been really great at creating this myth that sex offenders need to be monitored closely because they represent an ongoing and imminent public safety concern because of their likelihood to “re-offend.”

    The Adam Walsh Act has not been a public safety success. In fact it is tax payer fraud and a boondoggle.

    95% of those FORCED to register are not what the registry was designed for.

    The registry disseminates false fear and concern in the community via the Internet. It’s the equivalent of a reverse “cry wolf” or yelling fire in a crowed theater. The cops knocking on doors are in the business of spreading false fear.

    Not everyone that committed a sex offense is a legitimate sex offender.

    The registry does not “protect” anyone.. ESPECIALLY CHILDREN. It only guarantees HATE, VILIFICATION and UNEMPLOYMENT.

    The registry does not protect and safeguard children. It’s primary purpose is to incite fear into the community and provide JOB SECURITY via security theater for the local police and U.S Marshals. It’s no different than privatizing fear for profit at the expense of the taxpayer. There is absolutely no tactical advantage in “knowing” where someone lives. NONE.

    Note from az.war director:

    The above is a comment posted on http://michiganradio.org/post/commentary-fairness-and-sex-offender-list (Lessenberry commentary for 2/19/13) and I felt compelled to repost just this comment as it broadcasts, strongly, the elements of which are the basis for reform of the US and State Registries. Please visit the Post on MichiganRadio.org to read the entire pool of comments. Some of the threads in response to Lessenberry’s article drive home some valuable points. I had second thoughts about the “quality” of the author’s post or the actual content of the article itself—bearing on any opinion about the registry. The article is moot though, once you delve into the Comments section of the page. Such a simple article brought a huge audience and we all can benefit from the read.

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