• What We Are Doing for February

    This year WAR is working on getting the correct information out to the public and media in AZ and other States by:
    1. Telling private stories to different media organizations – Vicki told her sons story to Inside Edition. Many places will change names for privacy.

    2. Have a public meeting (100 people) in down town Phoenix near ASU Law School and show the film Untouchables and invite ACLU, Probation, Ira Ellman (Law Professor), and Shauna who are in the movie and have a discussion – Panel about the problems faced by today’s registrants. Movie is 105 minutes but Vicki will speed it up and take parts out. The purpose is to get the correct facts out instead of the misguided ones out in the public today. It will be held on a Tuesday or Thursday around March 31st. Details are still being worked out. Adds will be in the paper before hand.

    3. Went over proposed legislation for this year with 6 new bills. The most concerting is SB1162 a new statue that would monitor all electronic devices in your home for all registrants with monitoring system – you would have to send in all the serial numbers of your devices TV, Smart Phone. Computer etc.
    Please follow new bills on Legiscan and write letters to your legislature about the problem this bill and others would cause. It takes 5 months to create a bill and 5 years to fix it.
    There is one Bill involved in Hate Crimes Training SB1022 and one member in our AZ Group would like to talk to the Attorney General and Governor about what damage can occur to Registrants after Community Notifications. Her husband was changed from a level 1 to a level 2 something that happens frequently in AZ after you move.

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