• Are you the mother of someone forced to register?

    An exciting new research project out of Illinois State University is interviewing moms of people living on the so-called “sex offender registry.”

    If you are a mother of someone forced to register, we hope you’ll take a few minutes and fill out this important survey and participate in the interview! 

    If you are on the registry, please send this link to your mother so she can participate.  

    This study is very much aligned with the core mission of Women Against Registry:  To emphasize the stigma and harm that extends to the entire family.


    Thank you in advance for helping with this important research!

    WAR National Directors

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    2 thoughts on “Are you the mother of someone forced to register?

    • Susan A says:

      I don’t get it. You molest my Child. You are lucky you are on a Registry,
      Human Rights, what about Children rights..

      • Larry says:

        Susan, thanks for taking the time to post your thoughts. There are almost a million people on the registry. Many of them are children. Many of them are not on the registry for anything to do with touching or being attracted to minors. Very few are in the category of what you have mentioned and there could be family members of these criminals that are being treated as if they too are criminals.

        So this is why we are fighting for the freedom of ex-offenders and families. Visit https://ww1.womenagainstregistry.org/about-war/media for more info on this subject.

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