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    The Board of Directors of Women Against Registry has been busy in the aftermath of our second National Conference. We are preparing for upcoming legislative sessions; we are planning to expand the Care Groups to other states now that we have 6 established in Missouri; and we are already formulating plans for our third conference to be held in Washington DC.  This upcoming conference will be a united effort with other organizations and in fact, will be more than just a conference.  We will also have a rally and pre-arranged visits with legislators on Capitol Hill. We are growing, becoming a primary advocate for this issue, and attracting the attention of some important people and organizations. We want everyone to get involved in this groundswell of growing momentum.

    We are asking for all our members to get on board with our efforts to expand our organization’s mission: 

    Through peaceful demonstrations, educational forums, and political events we will present compelling evidence of the dangers and damage to American society caused by excessive, unconscionable sexual offense registries. The philosophy is basically that we do not see the need for a public registry. Folks need to be given a second chance and we want to help society understand the obstacles they are placing in front of the entire family. We feel if there is a registered citizen who, a judge feels needs monitoring and then based on careful evaluation by a trained licensed professional who does not benefit from the diagnosis, they should be tracked by law enforcement but not on any registry, especially something public. 

    We have become nationally renowned for our efforts and we don’t want to slow down. Despite being a smaller grassroots organization, we have forced our way into conversations where our advocacy is incomprehensible and uncomfortable. Most of the time the feedback begins with, “I didn’t know!”   

    We are currently conducting a membership drive and asking our members to step up their commitment to this organization; physically (by volunteering or attending meetings or talking to your legislators, etc.) and financially (by increasing your contributions).  We ask everyone to take stock of those who understand and support an end to the ‘fundamental unfairness’ of the public registry and restrictions. If you have told family and friends about our advocacy and mission, thank you.  This is a big first step and not necessarily an easy one. But, now it’s time to take the next step and ask them to join you in your commitment to be a WAR member.

    And to all those members who have been supporting our organization for months or years at the same amount, we are humbly asking that you step up your level of support. Please remember that all donations and memberships are tax deductible.

    While we are actively seeking to increase our funding and our membership levels, we do feel the need to remind our WAR family that we do not have attorneys, therapists or legislative experts on staff and therefore, cannot answer many of the questions that come our way.  One good way to obtain this type of information is by networking; at a conference, at support groups, through newsletters, and with other WAR members that you already know. You may not have heard but WAR intends to put out its first newsletter to all members sometime in the last quarter of 2018.

    For reference, our current membership levels are:

        standard                        $25/year

        bronze                          $35/year

        silver                            $50/year

        gold                              $75/year

        platinum                       $100/year

        monthly supporter        $5/month

        monthly sustainer         $10/month


    We are offering incentives to new members and to “step-up” members, forsome of our membership levels.  The incentives are listed below but please remember that the biggest incentive, by far, is that you are helping to support this worthy organization. Just a side note, being ‘against’ a public registry does not garner a ‘Welcome Mat!’

    I.        Join or “step up” to a Gold Level Membership ($75/year) and select one of the following gifts

    A.     a $15 gift card or

    B.      $25 off the cost of the Conference Registration Fee

    II.      Join or “step up” to a Platinum Level Membership ($100/year) and select one of the following gifts

    A.     a $25 gift card or

    B.      $50 off the cost of the Conference Registration Fee

    III.   Donate $500-$999 and select one of the following gifts

    A.     a 5-year WAR membership or

    B.      $100 off the cost of the Conference Registration Fee or

    C.      a $75 gift card 

    IV.  Donate $1000 or more and select one of the following gifts

    A.     a lifetime WAR membership or

    B.      Free Conference Registration or

    C.      a $100 gift card 

    V.     For Special Minimal Memberships ($5/Month), Step up to a Monthly Supporter Membership and receive both of the following gifts

    A.     Receive a “thank you” call from one of our WAR Directors and

    B.      a $10 gift card 

    Incentives will be mailed every three months. For example;  

    If you were to increase your membership in September any incentive rewards will go out the end of November after we have verified your mailing address with you. 

    In our effort to increase funds and the level of participation by our members, the Board of Directors has addressed a difficult issue.  In the past, we have allowed everyone to be a part of our organization, regardless of their financial situation.  In a number of cases, this has resulted in free memberships.  And while we do not want to lose any of our members, we have decided to end this practice. Any current non-paying members will be allowed a one-year extension on their present waiver.  However, after one year, we will discontinue this exception and hope that everyone can “step-up to the minimum membership level. 


    or send checks to:  Women Against Registry, PO Box 463, Arnold, MO 63010

    Women Against Registry Board of Directors

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