• On Friday The Brian Banks Story will open at theaters across the nation.

    Brian was pro-football bound and then it happened. A life-changing event. Brian became a registered citizen.

    What can you do about that? Unfortunately, nothing but think about this. We are advocates right? What does the movie industry pay attention to and then emulate?  So, if we just happen to enjoy a night at the movies with friends and family. If we share this email with lots of other registrant families, sports enthusiasts and social justice folks across the nation that is our way of silently influencing an industry that can write and produce more movies shining a light on the life of a registrant and families.

    Brian and others have already begun promoting the film. When we see an interview or teaser that is our cue to go to that media’s Facebook page or website and tell our stories in the comments area in a civil and professional manner.

    All of us can advocate for our futures in small and quiet ways. Spread the word.


    WAR National Directors

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