• WAR Room Quarter 3 Meetings

    If you missed Steven Whitsett at last week’s WAR Room meeting you missed our biggest event to date.  WOW… Steven was electric… Everyone was glued to the screen. The after party ‘MikesOpen’ had 22 people stick around long after the meeting ended for the Q&A portion. I literally had to shut the party down and throw everybody out of the house… to get the party to end. :).

    WAR Room Meeting #8 on July 27th will prove to be just as exciting. Janice Bellucci is back! Do you have any idea how much of an impact the 2003 SCOTUS ruling on Smith vs Doe has had on our Registered Nation? Janice is going to make sure each of us is fully aware of the significance of the impact this coming Tuesday. You’re not going to want to miss this. Be sure to register as soon as possible, we are limited to 100 guests.

    We have the next few meetings booked with guest speakers, here is what we have to look forward to, check out their sites:


    #8 July 27  Janice Bellucci, Civil Rights Attorney, ACSOL

    Janice will be speaking on the impact of Smith v Doe, a SCOTUS ruling

    1.   https://all4consolaws.org/


    #9 August 10  Lenore Skenazy, Author, Activist, Free Range Kids   https://www.freerangekids.com/  and Let’s Grow https://letgrow.org/


    #10 August 24  Rory Fleming, Criminal Justice Reform Activist

    “Is The Tide Turning Against Public Sex Offender Registries?”



    #11 September 14  Dr. Gene I Katz

    Dr. Katz is a subject matter expert on sexually based offenses and his doctoral dissertation concerns managerial improvements necessary for the employment of Evidence-Based Practice in the mental and behavioral treatment of people who have been convicted of sexually related crimes.



    If you have anyone in mind that you feel would be a great contribution as a guest speaker, pass on the information.


    Are you starting to hear the faint sounds in the not so far distance… the subtle drum beat… uniting… calling… each of us to a gathering of the Registered Nation… listen … the beat will grow with intensity. We are the Registered Nation … we are millions Strong. We are Not Alone… Find Your Voice… It’s Time To Rise… There are millions of us.

    See you Tuesday,

    Mike Woodall

    Host, The WAR Room

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